Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

cable techs suck when they don't listen. when i say i want a tv cable outlet in the garage, i mean i want one in the garage. if i wanted your tech opinion on home improvements to come, i would have asked.

in other news, i am glad to be hearing from my dear friend mike again on a regular basis. or rather a more regular basis. i miss you so much. :/

the pest person came today to tell me i have a mole. i KNEW i had a mole. i just KNEW IT! i am just really glad it wasn't snakes.

i only have two plastic resin tables to clean the gunk off of now. i finished all the other chairs and am getting new cushions this weekend for the good ones. but the plastic tables i will keep for the rare occasion i might have a party or something outdoors. i could put food on them or something. they are the big ones... and they are covered currently in mildew/mold/pollen. the chairs came out really nice. hopefully the tables will too.

need to buy washer and dryer. and possibly new refrigerator. but i need french doors installed instead of the garage door. what problems i have. oh, woe is me. :)
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