Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

hello. today the movers came with most of my stuff. my pool table is a mess with all sorts of odds and ends on it, and i am not able to walk in the garage without dodging boxes and wires, and other misc. stuff.

but i had a visitor. :)

actually, i pulled this little guy out of my pond/swimming pool. no, the pool has not been taken care of yet. no chemicals or anything.

i put him in the container just to take his pic before he hopped off to be picked off by a bird or cat or something. well, hopefully he just hopped away to safety.

sshorty, can you please ask smo0chy if he can tell me if this indeed is a toad, and not a frog? anyhow, whatever it was "chirped". maybe smo0chy can tell his cousin not to swim by himself. the sides of the pool are slick, and once he is in, he won't be able to get out by himself, and there is not always a lifeguard on duty.

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