Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

one response to my online personal ad. (among many others, of course. :)

Hi my name is - - - - - I am 37 mal I live in Jacksonville, Florida.
I have an average body. I am about 5, 9 in height A great Chest.
I love to swim, go to dinner, beach, golf club, movies and much more.
The moment I saw your picture, U looked great.
I wished to contact you right away, but the only contact available at the moment was this email
So now, here I am in these words to you on what I look like and when possible we could meet.
I would like you to call me - - - - - - - - - - send me email (- - - - - and we could set a time, to be together.

I am romantic, classic, and funny person, Imp looking for nice, loving, and caring relationship Message: relationship

What all would you like to know about me? Feel free to ask any questions.
Honey, Hear me well nicely and slowly...It is hard for me to lie to any human being in the world and specific I don't look for anything from a woman. Except her heart her feelings her sentiment to share with me. I am from a big famous family, I have a nice job and my own money and I have a nice and famous personality. Please again hear me well I have a lot of chances to be with a lot of different women. Maybe you do to, but the question is easy to find the right woman or not. My answer is very difficult.
The woman what I am looking for not only like I said before to call her when I need her. The woman what I am looking for I want to gain education from her with different conversation, with many classic dinners with romance in front of the ocean when everyone else is sleeping with changing sadness and happiness all the time. Then is coming the hugging, kissing, and this is the last part of the relationship. When you know someone very well because kissing, touching, and other good stuff to me is from emotions and feelings.
Honey, if you trust me all your secrets will be safe with me because I am sure and cogitative you will be with different relationship with serious and happiness and fun. To the high-class places where we can feel wonderful emotions between each other if we do not like each other at least we have met a new friend. Honey, I grew up always with big respect for women because I know a lot from different famous books and experiences how hesitative women are a how classic women are if you know how to treat her. The sad part is the majority of the men in the world they don't understand what women mean and how to treat women. Please I love to have a good conversation with you...soon so you can understand me well. I will be able to answer all your questions. Please feel free to ask me anything and question...... I will be happy to answer all of them before I meet you anytime soon. Honey, I am not rushing anything until you feel very comfortable and you have all the answers to all your questions and I will be more than glad to meet you any where at anytime. Thank you for your trust. Thank You for your respect and God Bless you........

*do you think i feel special? bwah hahaha. hahaha.
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