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severed head (period).

since it is autumn, and halloween is aound the corner.... err, so is christmas! but i have digressed yet again...

not for the squeamish...

in my mid twenties (gasp) ... heh... i had this wierd ass dream...

i was at a party... or a gathering of some sort. the "feeling" i had was that it was a warm, accepting bunch of people.

we were sitting on a nice persian carpet... it was huge! anyhow, in the group of people, were my friend mike from ny, bizz, and a whole bunch of people i don't know...

but there we were... and although i was not saying a word... and no one was "saying anything"... but there was a general "buzz" in the dream room? and not one of the people were shocked or grossed out and they all had a pleasant happy look upon their kissers... but there it was, plain as the freckles on my nose... my SEVERED HEAD... being passed around, person to person... it was not bloody or gross, just a head (think doll head or something).

and then i woke up.

so that was it. but it is a RECURRING dream. i still find it disturbing to this day.
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