Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

this is a note to anyone on lj who post things that make me think you might be suicidal, or at least very depressed.

i will not apologize if i call the police, or if i contact people i think might be able to help you. even if i don't know you in person. even if i never have chatted with you...

i only know a very few people in real life from lj. uh, that would be about 3 of them on my friend's list...

when i was a sophomore in high school, i was already an emt. late one afternoon, i was sent out on a call for a "shooting" incident. i heard over the intercom the caller's address and information because at the time, the dispatcher's calls were all broadcast over the intercom, so people down in the garage area could be advised of the situation before deployment. the voice of the person calling was a young girl... could have been sandy, or it could have been her younger sister.

anyhow, i knew the address as being the home of a girl also named sandy. she was one year ahead of me in school, making her a junior at the time. we were both on the tennis team together, and i knew her from girl scouts.

when i heard the address, i thought maybe sandy's little sister was playing with a handgun or something. when i arrived at the scene with the other ambulance personnel, it only took a few seconds to find out the injured person was sandy, and not her little sister.

it was a horrific mess. guns and heads and depression don't mix. but that is besides the point...

life is precious... if you are depressed, get help. there are lots of places you can call for help. attempting or actually killing yourself is not a solution. not an option.

but i won't apologize for caring or for trying to help. even if i don't know you. if you post things that are public in any way, including stuff that is "friends only", if i am on your friend's list i read them from time to time.

so be well. deal with issues.

if you have any questions about my personal policy, email me.
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