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this morning i had a dr's appointment.

i was a new patient at the practice, so i had the usual paperwork, that took about 6 minutes to complete.

i was called back to the exam room within 20 minutes... and then i only waited in the exam room for about 3?

my issues and concerns were met. i got a referral to a few specialty and sub specialty drs. i was written a few prescriptions...

he was an attractive man... kind of intense... empathetic...

what was the problem, you might ask?

he must have asked me 10 times if needed narcotics. i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined, i declined.

on the other hand....

my OLD dr.'s office, when i HAD AN APPOINTMENT, and WAS ON TIME FOR MY APPOINTMENT, AND HAD ALREADY BEEN THERE BEFORE... it would take 20 minutes just to check in and pay my co-pay. then it was at least a half hour or sometimes over an hour before i would be called back to the exam room. and then it would be another half hour or even more once i was back there.

so i am anemic. i said "but dr. i am dutch and italian, i can't be from anemia..."
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