Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

can you say "drama queen?"

oh, so the girl my brother sees just called me into the other room...

she starts a conversation... "thank you for driving me home."

i drove her home,or somewhere i thought was her other friend's house once.. maybe 5 years ago?

and she goes on to try to mend the broken fence between my brother and i.

like that will EVER happen...

so.... this is the same girl who drinks alcohol first thing AND takes pain killers.

so she plays social worker or something and says, why don't you both just hug and make up?


besides, my brother and i had a nice moment back in november. after he stole a couple of government computers and either stole or ruined all my personal property here, he pled guilty to a felony breach of trust over 5,000.

i didn't "make him" plead. i had very little to say in the prosecution of my brother, because he faced federal AND state charges.

he is now a convicted felon (which he should have been a very long time ago).

it isn't MY fault he took the stuff. it isn't MY fault he put the gov. pc's in his friend's shed.

it isn't MY fault the bastard told the detective where the stuff could be found (some of it)

so this girl is BLAMING ME for this.

what the heck. i have been at this property about a week. this is the house where those icky pics were taken earlier this week. think i could have STAGED the photos?

give me a break.... why would i WANT TO?

so my brother gripes that there is stuff on the counter in front of his coffee maker. oh my god! SO MOVE THE STUFF. CLEAN IT UP!!!

every thing i have cooked with had to be thoroughly cleaned before i could even use it. EVERYTHING. even the dishes on the inside of the cupboards.

eh, what's a little grime?

filthy pig.

oh, so at his restitution hearing, i tell his public defender that i thought $400.00 was more than reasonable. i was trying to be NICE. i COULD have said "give me the value of the stuff". which would have been about $20,000.00. such a deal, if you ask me. so i have received a check (ONE CHECK) for $42.00 since november. gee. thanks.

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