Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

today in history 1983 edition...

today in history, way back in 1983, i started dating the paperboy. or he WAS our paperboy until maybe the year before?

we met at boyle's pit... woohoo. boyle's pit was a nice (err, not so nice really) drinking establishment that would not "card" me when i was 15.

but back then the drinking age was only 18, and i have looked (kind of) older than my peers since maybe, uh, 3rd grade?

oh, so back to boyle's... the prefab looking building was on a former "pit". i don't know exactly what they dug out of the pit, but i guess it really doesn't matter.

so there i was, drinking green beer, wearing a "crayola green" pullover sweater, a pair of bon jour jeans, big hair, lacy white anklet socks and a pair of high heeled black pumps. (don't snicker)

i was just sitting there, on the half wall between the bar and the area with the tables and a large taxidermy fish. i think i was a better catch... (between the fish and i)

bruce springsteen was on the jukebox? and i think it was hungry heart? ack!

and there the paperboy was, wearing a brown sueded leather jacket, a short sleeved polo and a pair of levis. i think he was wearing running shoes. i think he was 18. maybe 19.


but he was really shy too so nothing really happened, other than talking that night and i think he kissed me goodnight, and then we spent the next several years as a couple.

so hey paperboy... hope you're having a great day! thanks for being a really nice guy. :D and i don't care if you ended up lookin' a bit like a blonde chris elliot. *wink*

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