Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

just call me snoop....

so on my boring saturday night at my mom's house,... (which is also my brother and nephew's house)... i do some recon...

i find a carelessly thrown on the kitchen counter cellular phone belonging to either my brother, or nephew.


i go to the recent calls... sonny, rachel, aj, woody... they all were on incoming and outgoing call lists.

and a whole bunch of numbers i don't recognize...

one happens to be from a 315 area code number. i do a quick check with my work, and find out it IS my nephew's mom.

my brother informs me that his almost ex wants to send the other child here to live.

as my brother and she separate, she ditches her one kid at age 2 because she couldn't take care of a kid in the terrible twos..

then my brother relocates to sc because he lives with my parents once he left his wife... he brings my very young nephew with him, because he has a live in couple to care for him, the grandparents. after about a year, my brother meets a woman and the live together after dating a few weeks.

my nephew stays with grandma and grandpa. this is fine for a few years. my mom has knee surgery, and tells my brother he needs to care for his son for about a week, because she would be on crutches. so nephew goes to live with dad and his new girlfriend. he ends up staying there a few years.

in the next few years after that, my nephew is neglected again, this time by my brother and his new girlfriend. i actually found him in the pond near my mom and dad's waist high in water. my nephew was about 5. it was 6:30 am... no adult in site beside me, as i drive over to see my dad. i get my nephew to come out of the water and to go to grandma's for breakfast. he was very cold and wet.

i get him inside, my mom does grandma things and makes him pancakes... i storm over to my brother's and bang on their door... BAM, BAM, BAM... a very groggy, alcohol stinky girlfriend of my brother's answers... i said... "where is nicholas?" she says "asleep", and i said "HE IS AT MY PARENTS HOUSE RIGHT NOW" she rubs her eyes, i feel like slugging her...

meanwhile back at the ranch... nick is done with breakfast, is showered and in some warm clean clothes and is sent off to the elementary school down the street.

i go to the local police station. i thought what i found was that nick was neglected. he was IN DANGER... i was told that there was nothing they could do.

about 7 months later, my nephew is injured at my brother's and girlfriend's. instead of bringing him to the dr. or er, my brother lets my nephew sleep over a friend's house.

the next day, my nephew comes over to grandma's... he asks his aunt, (me) if there was something wrong with his head. he said it hurt. i take one glance at the back of his head, he has quite the messy injury back there. my dad and i bring him to the er to get it taken care of. i have medical training, and i was capable of removing debris and cleaning it up... but alas, i have no floss or staples at my mom's....

the er dr. assumes i am the mom. i explain no, i am the aunt. the man in the lobby is the child's grandpa. the dr.'s face softens and he asks me if i think my nephew is abused. i say, i think he is neglected, and i said i thought that was almost just as bad. my nephew required a traumatic head wound cleaning and then about 15 staples. they pulled plastic from under his scalp. it had already been infected.

within 24 hours of that, i became a mommy. i was single mom, without being a mom.

and i remained his guardian until about two years ago.

in the two years since then, my nephew has missed more than 48 ays of school... 6 just in the two weeks i have been in the house with them. one day he was actually sick, the other days he just overslept.

now that my nephew is 15, he uses vulgar language unless i am standing right there... i found reports of him being disrespectful. he took my dad's car out for a spin without a license and got a nice hefty fine for reckless driving. he didn't even have a LEARNER'S permit. i think my brother should be held responsible. he told my nephew it was OK to drive that car! no driver's training.... no growing up driving a tractor on the farm... and my MOM ended up paying the 350 dollar ticket...

and now, it is 01:03 and he isn't home yet. it just makes me cry. :(

so anyhow, my nephew's mom... she wants to send the other child here to live. for my brother to care for him. like THAT makes a lot of sense. she went to court in ny to have nick returned to HER based on neglect and she wants the person who neglected her one son to neglect the other?
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