Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

letter from iraq

this is a letter my nephew received from a solidier in iraq.

the person is a medic in the army. this is why i joined the marine corps.

(sorry, i couldn't help the wise crack :-)

i have corrected the spelling errors only (and there were lots of them. and the name has been changed. :-)

but i WILL say they are doing a kick ass job, and i support everyone's efforts. god bless.

Dear Nick,

My name is Sgt. Something Something.. I am here in Tal Afar, Iraq. Your letter was given to me. Thank you for support.

We have received so many cards, letters, and care packages from kids like you.

Since you kids nowadays use the internet so often, I will give you some email address:

(euphoricfatige will email you the links if you want)

Click on these web sites and you can see for yourself the things my unit is doing over here.

I tell my own kids about what the kids of Iraq have here. These kids know violence on a daily basis. Families are threatened and killed. There alot of people caught in the middle of all this. Many of the children don't have enough to eat. They live in mud huts with no playgrounds. Everyone works. Most don't get any schooling.

I hope you kids count your blessing. You live in one of the greatest countries. All of the freedoms you have.

Well, I guess that is enough of my standing on my soap box.

Thanks again for all your support.
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