Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
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grammar was my mom's mom

i am not a sticker (or a stickler either) for grammar and usage. i mean, i have plenty of errors all the time myself.

today i received an email from someone. i feel like getting a red pencil out and marking the errors. arrgh.
Well I did end up wet today. Not threw kayaking but threw work. I got a call to go into work because a guest had yanked the pool light out and the heat once it hit the air caused it to break. Pool water level had to be dropped in order to clean up the glass. It took four hours to get the water back up to the point that we could turn on the pumps. I was told many people wanted there money back for there stay because the pool was the only reason they came here. We got the pool up and running but they now wanted to know why the water was so cold. One of those can't win days for me.
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