Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

tape *insert various unladylike profanity*

this is a plea for all of you who have yourself, or have siblings or other family members who have family photos in their posession. i don't care if they are snapshots or professional photos or whatever...


tape is very good for wrapping presents and repairing ripped paper, but it should never, ever come anywhere near a photograph. you're better off using a M2..

you'll save you loved ones from endless aggravation when they go through the stuff when you're gone.

a good idea is to take the ENTIRE bunch of photos to kinkos or to work if the place you work is nice. copy/reduce to fit several on one page, and make a few black and white copies of each (reduced size) going though with a family member (send one set of the copies to a trusted relative) ... and then each of you writing on one of the COPIES - who/what/where/when it is of. brainstorm on the ones you have issues with.

purchase some archive box (es) and put the papers with the copies of the photos with the notations in it. the boxes have plenty of space for the extra piece of paper. that way you have the small image copies with the notation AND the actual image.

if you don't have mounted photos you can just get boxes like this:

i am highly upset after finding antique photos (irreplaceable) TAPED into a "scrapbook". it will take months of restoration on my own, or hundreds and hundreds of dollars having the photos "fixed".

another good idea is scanning the photos at a decent resoloution and putting them on a website with a password. that way even the photos with your cousins in the bath together as toddlers in 1958 won't cause you to have served onpon your person a felony warrant for child porn.

your relatives and download/save/have printed the images directly.
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