Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

remote assistance please...

i have a car stereo remote that my parrot chewed on.

this is the model number: pioneer cxc1265 you can look it up on ebay for an image if you want.

the pads he chewed were rubberized. i caught him chewing on it before he chewed them all off, he only managed to get FOUR of the pads.

they were:

1. volume down control (-)
2. escape
3. a round one on the bottom
4. a round one on the bottom right

i don't mean to be clueless but i am. i never even set the clock on it. i don't know how to.

the two on bottom he he got - i never consciously knew what they were for.

the only one that REALLY needs to work is decrease volume one.

one looks like a c and the other looks a little like a hourglass. or a martini glass if i am in that kind of mood.

the one he didn't get was the one on the bottom in the middle. i don't know what that one does either.

can i superglue the pads back in? the pads are in decent shape, just severed from the rubberized thing they set in.

i have the back of the remote off and if superglue doesn't work i could try tape.

you know, duct tape. err... maybe tape AND superglue...

HELP ME!!!!!

i have been using it without the missing keys but it's a pain when i have the thing blasting and then i have a cell call. ooops. i have to turn it off or use the mute.

thank you? :-)
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