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so unfair... wouldn't it be nice if it was an educated man, not an educated

ahhh.... so here i am in sunny (err, not so sunny) south carolina. but thiis isn't a SC post and it isn't a "southern" post either.

but it IS a racism post.

i met a girl who introduced me to a guy. the guy was very polite and sweet to me.

the problem arose when he was driving me somewhere.

traffic was bad, simply because there was LOTS and LOTS of it. it rivaled gridlock in ny in places. you know, the 3 blocks in an hour kind of traffic?

and it was mostly bikers and pimped out cars. i like seeing the cars. especially if they are painted in a green color, and have fins.

or any vintage vw.

so what's the problem? there were two.

one was:

2 pedestrian individuals trying to cross the road, a girl and a guy. - "i should just run over the niggers"

the other was:

a caucasian female with a black male. - "how can that girl be with a nigger?"

i was visibly upset, the second he mentioned that word the first time. and even more upset the second time.

i haven't spoken or seen him since, i won't.

these are my feeling on the subject...

racism is bad. very bad.

i think it is much worse to be a closet racist. you know, the kind of person that never says the n word, but treats people of color differently.

excludes them from party lists (on no!!) or denies them service. even though it is illegal. and other acts of racism.... most of us understand this, right?

some businesses actually close here for bike week. the bike week with ninja and other imported bikes. they like calling it "black bike week" but the bikes, well, most of them aren't black. they say it is for safety. or because they want to take a vacation. yeah, open for 6 days and then you need a week off? man, i want that schedule. ALL THE FUCKING HOTELS in myrtle beach are open by memorial day. so it makes sense they close that week, right? this year it was even worse... they were open when the harley people were here. and then, less than a week later, they closed for a week or at least the weekend.

this week there was no break between the two bike festivals. they were back to back.

and you know, most of the hotel, restaurants play cutthroat rates, because most of the mom and pop type places NEED the summer business just to break even.

and i like that ad campaign "wouldn't it be nice if it was" "not a black man" it's about something like... wouldn't it be nice if it was an educated man, not an educated black man?

just so not fair.
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