Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

brother saga contiunes

what is worse?

an adult that acts like a child

or a child that acts like an adult?

and further???

if you have one deceased parent, and all the worldly posessions of the decedent go to the surviving spouse.... just what in god's name makes my brother think just because he has the same first and last name of my dad that he "inherits" all the stuff just because my mom is in a nursing home???

he's got my dad's old car (big deal) and he had a reasonably inexpensive place to live if he hadn't messed it up, and he still wants MORE. all my dad's tools. the little dinghy. the boat motors, the ladders... at auction my mom could make at least 5 grand just for the tools. but my mom isn't here.


i just had words with his girlfiend. she says your dad isn't here. i said, no kidding, he's DEAD. but all that was my dad's is my mom's now, and JOHNNY wasn't anywhere on that short list. and YOU aren't even supposed to be here. my mom doesn't want you here. she does not like you. why you refuse to leave and why you had my brother bring you here to begin with is selfish. you KNEW he had to be out by the 31 of may and you came here on the 30th. you did not leave on the 31.

if my mom loses her house just because my brother and his girlfiend are morons, i don't know what i wlll do. my mom already lost 3 properties for a lot less than the market value. she doesn't need to lose this one too.

i am about to blow a gasket again. i know, complain complain....

but i want my stinkin' life back. no hassels. and there is no end to the hassel in sight. and it just gets worse.

i should at least have access to a few screw drivers, a wrench or so, a hammer, stuff like that. basic stuff to repair minor problems. i can't even find any of those.


june 8th... so.not.fair.
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