Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

where does mohair come from? mos? ome...

in march or so i posted something about an old boyfriend of mine being an ass. or something like that.

well, when *i* lived with him... imaginemy surprise when he received in the mail a little packet. when he opened it, it contained one men's dress sock, navy blue in color.

it was completely covered in cat hair. not one centimeter was spared.

i was curious, of course... why would he get a cat hair encrusted sock in the mail.

well, his explanation was that a woman he drove to the airport sent it to him.

he goes on to tell me that the reason he drove her was because she was going on vacation for three weeks in mexico.

(the woah, oh, mexico james taylor thing is going trough my brain right now...)

but anyhow, i asked him, well, how come she mailed you a sock with cat hair? a new pair of socks was well within his budget. it wasn't like it was a cashmere sweater or something.

driving to airport doesn't require taking off your socks in most instances.... note i said driving. no entry to the airport required. drive by drop off, you know?

of course now in the present, yeah, you might have to take your socks/sock off in security sometimes.... if you to to the boarding area...

but he said he "slept over" because they had to leave very early.

uh uh... this was a guy who could get up at 5 am every day without an alarm.

yeah, so that was the first time he screwed around. and about two months before i went to grenada.

and she was mad because he left. her name was margaret. or mahhhgret since she lived in southie. or there abouts. :P

i was known as the "girl with cancer". how charming is that?

but the sock thing just made me laugh. i am wondering if he is getting other socks in the mail now. :D
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