Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

does this look like a *snapping* turtle to you?

so like, once, about a month ago, i saved a turtle....

i was told it was a snapping turtle but his sand digging claws didn't snap once....

and he did NOT like the carrot. maybe that is why he looks so annoyed. "get that damned carrot away from me!"

and he had the cutest little pink tongue. i was trying to get him to open his mouth again but he wouldn't. he said, "turtles don't like carrots!!" but when he spoke i couldn't get the pic of his pink tongue.

he was saved because he was right smack in the middle of the access road to the development here. happily sunning himself, and unwittingly putting himself in grave danger.

not everyone is as nice as i am. i pulled my truck over, walked over to the turtle and plucked him out of the middle of the road. and put him in the front with me. i hope he liked the music.

saving him from sure smushing,

lucky turtle.

he was released at the state park later that day.

click pics for larger images

i guessed him to be about 25, beacuse i was told to count the spots on the bottom of his shell. he was approximatley a 8 pound turtle.

i don't know, is that a beak??? i was told snapping turtles have beaks.

he didn't try to bite me, and he had plenty of opportunity.
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