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Dear Dr. Phil,

I don't care if you want to start a dating website or improve one you already have.

I could care less what you do with your money.

I think you would be better off asking the opinion of someone who actually cared.

I will keep marking the "little or no interest" or the selection in the middle.

I think it's better if you ask someone to take a Dr. Phil survey rather than say the survey is for "online dating".

Very truly yours,

Please read the concept presented below in its entirety and answer the
questions that follow.

With his books and TV show, Dr. Phil reaches millions of people
together. Now, with Dr., he's able to reach -- and help -- you
as an individual.

There are a lot of places on the web where you can find a date or even a
relationship. But Dr. Phil believes there's something critical missing
from all of them. Because there's no place that's dedicated to helping
you understand yourself better so you can find the right match.and then
offers sensitive and invaluable advice and support to make sure your
relationship works and keeps growing. That's why he created
After all, who better than Dr. Phil, the world's leading relationship
authority, to develop this complete, PERSONALIZED three-part system that
leads from self-understanding, to better matches, to ongoing
relationship coaching and success. It's the exclusive "Mind-Find-Bind"

MIND: We all know that if you're not in the right frame of mind, you're
not ready for a successful relationship, EVEN if you've found the right
person. Here, you'll have access to Dr. Phil's self-diagnosis and smart,
tough, practical advice built around you as an individual.

FIND: Your self-assessment, plus Dr. Phil's insights into what makes
couples work - and not work - will lead to introductions to a select
group of people. Any of them will hold the potential to change your life.

BIND: Dr. Phil knows more than anyone about why some relationships get
only better, and others unravel. In this phase he will offer
personalized coaching and counsel to help your relationship stay on the
track - from its early beginnings, and as it evolves.

This survey spans multiple pages. Your answers are processed once you
click the 'OK' button after the final question.
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