Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

brother part 20059

hey, so like, my brother is finally in the process of getting his crap out of here. collectively.

i simply asked him for 2 of my mom's cookbooks, part of a set.

i had asked about them several days ago. he said he would bring them out when girlfiend was done with them.

ok... so like, they have rented a trailer to haul the stuff, and are putting all sorts of stuff that isn't theirs to be moved.

so, i am kind of motivated to say, hey, wait a minute, where is mom's cookbooks? the response was "i don't have a fucking clue".

so i said "you need to find them and bring them back in".

and then he tells me that his girlfiend's wallet has been missing for several? days.

i also said that if anything of my mom's disappears that i will call the police agency for this area.

they suspect me of taking the wallet. !! heehehehehe. yep, "foodstamp receiving-commodities broker" lost her food card and uh... i dunno.

i do not have access to their room. i have not spoken to her, besides this afternoon, since july 2.

did they call the police? did they call the food stamp place? did they cancel credit or debit cards? nope.

uh... so....

i hate users and thiefs. and liars. makes me crazy. makes me crazy.

so later, if i am not too stressed out, i am going to put my webcam on and the general public can watch idiots move.

the yahoo id is evilbollweevil. :-)
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