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burn photos

i uploaded finally some photos of my burns. i was missing the mini usb cable to do so. i used the one from my friend's blackberry for these.

if you want to see the photos, email me or post something here.

they are not pretty, and i only did it because i can't email many of my friends all of them.

i mean, those that would be interested.

these were all taken either the day i was burned or early the next day. after that, the reddish areas, (that appear red or pink) - all the top skin was removed, because, as you can see in the photos, the blistering was horrible. the large blisters got even larger, encompassing the entire red/pink areas. the areas were debrided at the er, and then a few days later i was finally admitted to the burn icu at john hopkins bayview. i was burned over 35 %. pretty scary. the worst looking stage was after being debrided, and i don't have any photos of that... i was in way too much pain by then to even barely function.

i am obviously doing much better now.

in the photos, my legs and other burned areas are EXTREMELY swollen. you can tell because i have cankles. i generally do not have those. :P

my nose, mouth, ear, and inside my nose and mouth, and my hair also were burned. my lips have areas that are numb. those are the areas that are granulated in the photos.

my lower neck area was burned from my necklace, and my whole upper body was burned, but not as severely, just like a mild sunburn.

now i am just waiting today for a call from someone to run out.
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