Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue


(23:42:04) namelessfool: She has a litle dog too
(23:43:04) euphoricfatigue: what kind?
(23:43:14) namelessfool: I am not sure
(23:43:28) euphoricfatigue: fluffy? what is it's name?
(23:43:37) euphoricfatigue: is it's name toto?

(23:44:01) namelessfool: I should know, the name escapes me rigfht now
(23:44:17) euphoricfatigue: you didn't like my toto reference to your "little dog too?"
(23:45:08) namelessfool: That's fine. No it isn't Toto or Fluffy
(23:45:28) euphoricfatigue: no, didn't you think it was FUNNY?
(23:45:45) euphoricfatigue: i meant fluffy, as in, what it LOOKED like.
(23:46:25) euphoricfatigue: "little dog too" is from the wizard of oz. the witch.
(23:46:31) namelessfool: oh yeah, still trying to remember his name
(23:46:33) euphoricfatigue: the name was "wizard". the witch was not a "his" though.
(23:46:47) euphoricfatigue: is it a pug?
(23:47:01) namelessfool: no
(23:47:34) euphoricfatigue: a shitzu?
(23:47:47) euphoricfatigue: a pommeranian?
(23:47:54) euphoricfatigue: an iranian?
(23:48:04) namelessfool: I don't think so. I don't know what type it is
(23:48:05) euphoricfatigue: an iguana?
(23:48:27) euphoricfatigue: one of them barking iguanas?
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