February 8th, 2004

dad & fish & i

old boyfriend saga 175

last night i finally met up with the old boyfriend.

since he broke up with me on the 'net, i was REALLY pissed and then depressed, because he wouldn't allow me the opportunity to say goodbye in person. i told him i wanted and NEEDED closure. he denied me that.

he broke up with me before christmas, when he totally hit me over the head with the thing about his finals. i went to college, my friends have gone to college, i got into georgetown law, but when i was first sick i had to scratch that plan. i never wanted to return, because it was not something i really wanted, or rather it wasn't MY goal, it was that of my employer.

in the past few weeks, we have been "talking" either online or email or by phone. not a lot, just a few times a week or so.

last weekend we made plans to get together and talk contingent on his roommate kevin going out on a date. i waited all dressed up and no where to go until about110 pm or so, when i emailed him and asked what was up. the response after 11pm was that he got busy with friends and family wanting to call and talk. oh, so what am i? chopped liver? what a jerk.

so anyhow, we finally got together last night. nothing big, i just met him at his place to talk. we ended up sitting on the loveseat, and i sat there all prim and proper, hands mostly folded in my lap, knees together, you know. so he spent most of the time either leaning into me, or putting his head on my shoulder, or trying to lay in my lap? i don't know. and i think i had my arm around him at one point, or behind him, maybe i scratched his back a little, but there was NO kissy face or anything. oh, and he made a big deal about giiving me a hug when i got there. eh, ok. so what's the problem??

well, the problem is that kevin gave me the stray cat they had been feeding and stuff. that was the white one in the pic of benny and the cat. he GAVE me the cat, told me that he didn't want her out in the cold and stuff.

so the cat has been at my house for several weeks now. the ex was away, in south florida with his dad, and i had no contact really with him when he was away. nothing where i could tell him i took the cat anyhow.

so, since i finally saw him last night, when he mentioned that the cat was missing, i told him i took her to my house, and that she seemed happy or whatever.

the ex didn't glare at me or make a start, he just changed the subject. then we chatted about other things, and watched part of blue lagoon, and then i went to leave. he walked me out, and when i was about to start down the stairs, he kissed me. not just a peck, but a tongue down my thoat kind of kiss. ick. so we kissed a little, maybe 3 kisses, and he asked me to come back inside. well, kids, that was a REALLY DUMB idea, so i declined. but believe me, he DID NOT ACT upset in the least about anything, let alone the cat.

so today, when i returned from house hunting and the flea market, i get this seething email from him which stated, among other things, that taking his cat was "stalking and threatening" behaviour, and further that i "stole" or "kidnapped" the cat. he likened it to him taking one of my pets without my knowledge. you know, the ones i keep inside, take to the vet, play with, clean up after, bathe, brush, and otherwise groom, and love? my BABIES???

among other things he also said that he spoke to his friend therese, and SHE said that i STOLE his cat. yep, kevin GAVE me the damned cat, and i stole it. well, whatever.

i was wondering if he told therese he was so upset he wanted me to go inside and do it with him anyhow. or even that he was so upset he wanted to kiss me goodnight? or that he asked me if i wanted to do something today? yes, therese, he wanted me to stay.

so yeah, it makes perfect sense to be VERY upset with someone, because they took a beloved stray cat, when you were away for WEEKS, but still want to kiss and carry on and have sex with the person you're really upset with?

anyhow, i didn't take the poor critter in because i wanted to be close to the ex. i took the cat in because she had no other place to go. i was kind of like that once or twice when i was younger myself. you know, kind of a stray, and i don't think anyone, any animal, needs to be like that. sniff.

so piss on him. or something. grrr.
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