March 18th, 2004

dad & fish & i

cagey, gothy, hs, boredom

my 20th reunion is around the corner. i have been getting some emails from former classmates. i don't understand why, really, since i barely spoke to anyone, and was pretty much a non entity.

but today i got an email and the "from" was "runaway program."

but the subject was something like "hello from an old classmate" or something.

so anyhow, it was nice to hear from someone i actually spoke to occasionally back then. i think she would have been one of those original kind of goth people. i dunno. she was original, i give her that. :)

also, it was nice she signed it "your friend" and stuff. i often wondered what happened to her. :)

in other news i since i was kind put on waivers for driving recently, i have been watching a lot of tv. yesterday i watched something like Lords of Flatbush or something. i thought it was a good flick. kind of depressing i thought too. but i liked some of the acting in it. like henry wrinkler's performance.

and then earlier i watched the end of that movie Windtalkers. never saw it before. i love nicholas cage. i want his bambinos. drool.

but i didn't think the death scene at the end was all that great. while lung blood is usally bright red and stuff, the blood he was spitting up wasn't so convincing. but then again, when does a director really get to see a REAL hemorrhage. they aren't pretty. but i thought the scene where he gives up his drugs to the kid was convincing enough. and when he swiped his arm across the church he drew in the dust forshadowing his death and stuff.

but seriously, ever since Rumble Fish, i was a goner. and then Birdy. so what is it? his intensity? i don't know. and Raising Arizona and Moonstruck and all of the other films he has been in. gah.
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