April 26th, 2004

dad & fish & i

where's the weed, man

dear diary....

this weekend i moved into my new older house. it is nice enough. not perfect, but what is?

a little while ago, i was talking on the telephone with a friend, and i was surprised to see a yellow tabby cat carrying something that looked like a small bag. he was running across my back yard, past the pool, towards the corner where the broken picket is. ok. i like kitties, and my pets aren't here yet, other than the bird.

what is very unusual, is that the kitty STOLE MY CATNIP!!! now mind you, it was COSMIC CATNIP, the kind my own kitties prefer. the yellow kitty took the catnip to my front yard, and was under a shrub trying to get into the bag. when he heard me say, "here kitty kitty" in a very friendly (i hope it was friendly to a cat) voice, he took off across the street* (WITHOUT LOOKING) and almost got hit by a car. he did not drop the bag of weed.

what is kind of scary, freaky maybe is that the catnip, was in a box, on the floor of my garage. you know, against the wall. the box had misc. pet items in it. canned diet dog food, cheweez, gimme a kiss treats, puppy pads, you know, the usual. the cat was in my garage. it is true the garage door was open. the cat was brazen enough to come into my garage, and rumage through a box. (no, the catnip was just on top).

*across the road is the back of an apartment complex, the parking lot and back yard. i think he lives over there.
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