May 1st, 2004

dad & fish & i

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i hate when i can't sleep. especially when i have to be up really early.

the good news is that i purchased a washer and dryer, and a refrigerator. oooh, and also, a lawn mower. :P i almost bought a beautiful dining room table and chairs, a real find for the thrift store, but just as i was leaving, the clerk gave me back the fifty bucks, because the table was promised to some other dude. which sucks royally. i am penning a really annoying letter to the management of the thrift store, (a non profit) to inform them of the shady deal. now, i am sure the guy who ended up with them is really happy, becuase they were worth at least 500 bucks, and were in excellent condition. it was cherry. i am very sad. but i sure the recent arrival to the USA will like the furniture just as much as i did.
dad & fish & i

new old house pics

these are pics of my living room, kitchen and part of the outside of my house.

yes, i need landscaping and pool work done asap. also, i need do do something with the lights above the kitchen cabinets. ack.
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