May 5th, 2004

dad & fish & i

RX*6 but not a car.

ah. my paino will be delivered sometime early next week.

if you care about what it might be, just click on the little picture. if anyone is in the north florida area and can play
if you would like to see a pic or info about what it is, you can, just click the grand piano link, then choose the RX artist series, and then under models and specs choose the RX*6 model. it is a 7 foot piano. the sound is most wonderful. most fabulous. if i ony (or anyone) just played ONE note, it would sound devine. i would rather have the piano than a new car. or a stupid vacation. and the trade in value is remarkable.

this art object will go in my high ceiling room. the acoustics are very nice, even considering the dated look of the room. i feel the room was added for effect, not function when the house was built. but at least it is a nice solid room, and the the piano will be the only thing in there, except maybe two formal upholstered chairs. i want room for about 5 rows of maybe 6 chairs, (when someone comes to play) and if i add much else there will not be enough room for a good sound. i might add a few small cabinets to keep music in, but i mght just put in some custom cabinetry to replace what used to be book shelves. i would have to get new shelving, and i might as well just put doors on it. on the side walls on the fireplace end, there are two odd things. one side has a wet bar cabinet thing, and the other side has that former book shelf. i might as well take the little sink and wet bar out, and make both sides the doored book shelves.

i would eventually replace the flooring and put in hard wood instead of the wall to wall carpet. i hate wall to wall carpet. i mean, i would rather have a nice area rug of some sort and the hardwood floors. or at least the wood laminate stuff. that looks very nice.

now only if i could play. :/