May 28th, 2004

dad & fish & i

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ok, so my memorial day is going to be kind of boring.

i might drive my mom's power wheel chair up to her in the myrtle beach area, and then drive back either the next day or the same day.

i will clean off the pool table i am fortunate to have in my garage/family room, and try to remember how to shoot. yeah, right. uh, uncle don, remember all those boring nights at the bowling center? i am missing my big hair and fake nails. err, not really. :D

i will be back though, on sunday sometime, and therefore will probably cook out both sunday night and monday.

i pulled out my American Flag. it's a nice one, my grandma got it in the early sixties. nice embroidered stars and stuff. the red is red, and the blue makes me cry.

i think i wll be the only person on my street flying the flag. damed rat bastards. err.

some little dog named precious or princess lives in a house behind mine. bark, bark, bark, yip, yip, yippy little dog. last sunday morning i was jarred awake by the door bell before 7:30. deputy dog was there asking if i had a dog. yep, sure do, five of them. someone called and complained my dogs were barking. uh, oh, really? my friend was already up, out in back with them.... throwing tennis balls for the retirevers and stuff. now it is true any one of my dogs could have barked a few times here and there, but the deputy said he didn't hear any of them when he pulled up to my gate. he also didn't hear any of them when he stood there in my front entry way for about 10 minutes. eh, whatever.

so someone in my neighborhood is a mr. annoying. when i asked who complained, (so i could go apologize later) i was told the caller was "anonymous". but it was a "mr" anoymous. narrows it down a little for me anyhow.

i mentioned recently boys and dogs were yucky. well, i still think so. :D