July 5th, 2004

dad & fish & i

4th of july

for the 4th of July, i went to see some fireworks in jacksonville beach. the fireworks were nice, and the people were nice, err, at least most of them i was near. even the sk8r boyz or whatever. :P there WAS one thing that really did bother me. not just a trivial bother kind of thing. one couple with a little toddler boy eneded up sitting just next to me. the toddler was very cute.

the dad was another story. during the beginning of the fireworks, the father jumped down to the dunes, and walked up to a clump of sea oats. he kind of karate chopped the bottom of the oats... and then bent them all over, just so he could see better. like you can't see friggin' FIREWORKS over the sea oats.