July 11th, 2004

dad & fish & i

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Mary Williams lived in a small house in University City with a very old black cat.

Her husband died 3 years ago, and he had been handicapped and wheelchair bound for several years. She took care of him.

I became aquainted with her because we were waiting for new tires at the same time at the same place.

Normally, I most likely would have never met her. She was in her early 80's then, and still in great shape. She said she didn't like to drive at night, so she wanted to leave soon. It was late in the fall, so it was dark early.

Well, I haven't spoken or heard from her in over a year. My fault totally... I have been very busy, and it seems too busy to call an old lady. I am a bad kittly.

I don't have a number for her now, or her actual address.