July 27th, 2004

dad & fish & i

stupid csr's....

vandelinder@earthlink.net: will earthlink credit my EMAIL account back from april for just EMAIL? this is considerably more money than i intened, since we already had either comcast or dsl whicn we pay for.
Jessica S: Sorry, as we have not promised that we will change the account to Email bill plan your bill plan is not changed and you were charged according to the current bill plan. So, we cannot place any refund on the charges on your account.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: so what is a customer to do? ask for a PROMISE to do as they said they would? this is absurd.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: why on EARTH would i need dial up when all i wanted was the EMAIL i have had for over 4 years to work?
Jessica S: You might have contacted us within the first 30 days from the date we have sent the invoice.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: I DID. that is why i am so very upset
Jessica S: I see that we have sent the invoice for $79.91 on 05/28/04 and after that you did not contact us to know the charges on your account. You have contacted us on phone on 07/26/04 and your call hung up.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: my call was dropped when i asked to speak to a manager or someone.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: and i called in APRIL about the dial up problem on my bill.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: i am VERY UPSET with the way earthlink is dealing with this, or not. i do not need this aggrivation.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: that is all. i guess your program doesn't tell you i spoke to a person later today too? YESTERDAY i find EIGHT charges on my credit card. EIGHT. i called about that too.
Jessica S: I suggest you to contact our customer service on phone once to resolve your issue.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: all for earthlink. i have already contacted them. at least SEVEN times.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: four in the past few days alone.
Jessica S: Okay, I will forward your issue to our customer service escalation team.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: what does that mean? i have to call tomorrow or whatever?
vandelinder@earthlink.net: in the mean time, my email is bounced and i can't retrieve any either. at least with my earthlink address.
Jessica S: I can forward your request for the change of the bill plan of your account. However I suggest you to contact our customer service on phone to resolve your billing issue completely.
vandelinder@earthlink.net: to whom should i speak to? i hope you understand i have already called them several time without a resolution.
Jessica S: Please contact our customer serivce on phone at 888-327-8454, our representatives will help you further in this regard.
Jessica S: EarthLink's Customer Service Department can be reached Monday through Friday 8 AM to Midnight Eastern Time and 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time on weekends at 888-327-8454
vandelinder@earthlink.net: ok, i will call them yet again tomorrow. this does not look very good for customer satisfaction, but thank you for your information. have a good night. :)
vandelinder@earthlink.net: bye
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