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Kiwi Injections Free
Sunday, August 1st, 2004

Date:2004-08-01 21:56
Subject:double dare.
Mood: silly

heh. do a search for moose haven. go ahead, i dare you. double dare! :-P

while i was out looking for a new house at a nice developement earlier today, i went past a place that said on a big sign, "moose haven"

so i came home and did a search and this is what i found!

i kind of thought this looks like a BIG, arthritic rabbit, it is unusual to see a dark colored rabbit in the snow, and my, what big EARS you have!

but i found the place i was actually looking for. i think they either give their residents happy drugs or maybe it is a mind control cult sort of thing. just look at them!

Moosehaven, City of Contentment

Moose Haven, City of Contentment. now, gee, don't they look happy?

i do believe this needs looking into. you wouldn't want YOUR grandma to be mind controlled would you? i wouldn't. i can tell you that. geesh.

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