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Kiwi Injections Free
Friday, August 6th, 2004

Date:2004-08-06 20:08
Subject:super freaky

gosh darn it, rick james is dead?

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Date:2004-08-06 20:25
Mood: sick

today was a terrible day. right up there with say, well, terribly days.

on the first i gave my "landlord" two notices. one was a 7 day notice to fix my damned pool and fence around the pool, mostly. the other notice was that i was withholding my rent, paying it directly to the court, until the problems were corrected.

last night i got a call from landlord. he says either pay or he will deal with things his way.

uh, today, when i was at home, trying to chill after a reasonanbly bad afternoon, there was a knock on my front door.

it was the owner of the house i live in, and posse. posse being a guy with a digital camera, and they both had power tools.

i invite him in. (just into the entryway out of the heat). (at this time i didn't know he had the other guy waiting with the power equipment)

they proceed to threaten me, telling me if i didn't pay the rent, then they would stay until i moved out. i didn't pay, i just called the sheriff.

now i know the boys in blue have better things to do than supervise adults... but damn, my front door was unscewed from it's hinges. and then removed. gaping front doorway.

my dogs got out. my cats got out. my cold, cool air from inside went outside.

the sheriff's deptuty pair finally show up. they tell the guy that he has to replace the door, which eventually they did.

they tell the landlord if he wants me to move, he needs to ask, or properly, legally "evict" me. good god.

so before the dasterdly duo leave, he hands me a 3 day notice to vacate, which would be umm, the 11th.

and they all (deptuty duo and dasterdly duo both) leave.

i then find out they (the landlord and friend):
changed the keying of the door.
put an order to have the water turned off.
fucked up the air conditioner by taking the big fuse type thing on the outside out.

i had to pay 150.00 to have some electrician come and replace it, the whole switch thing... because they don't make that kind of switch or whatever anymore.

today i also had to pay 75.00 for the exterminator, for fire ant preventitive.

i am slowly getting some cooler air.


oh, and apparently this is all "civil" and there have been no crimes committed.

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