September 6th, 2004

dad & fish & i

i just want my truck back, please.

being without power for about a day was not so bad.

the bad part was that when there was a lull in the rain and wind, i went to the old house to get my truck. truck = good for wet, yucky weather

... it was not there.

so now there is a report for the larceny of a motor vehicle.

jso did a search, and it wasn't towed.

tomorrow when the courts are open i go for my injunction. an injunction here means restraining order. i had a temporary one, but that did me a hell of a lot of good.

*(&$ing bastard!

dad & fish & i

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if there are any pixel bunnies that aren't very busy tonight, please email me. i need someone to clean up a photo for me.