September 7th, 2004

dad & fish & i

grand theft jax

i'm really having anxiety attacks about my truck being stolen. to top that off since the hurricaine, the court was closed today even. all the detectives i needed were still out because of stuff at their homes (i understand flooding is a bitch). but damn, someone stole my truck!

my transportation.

and i am mad, mad, mad at JSO anyhow, because since aug. 6th, i have been dealing with things ranging from mild harassment to threats to stalking. this is in addition to my puppy missing and damage to the air conditioner, and all this other bs, and stuff i can't even discuss here, and besides the truck and a report for "grand theft - motor vehicle (less than $100,000)" yep, it's true my truck was not worth $100,000, but i still need to drive, and i still need to cart dogs and sailboats and "stuff". and i can't even get a jso person to CALL the suspect and ASK him where he thinks he put it. (there is a neighbor who said she saw someone take it) so, uh, why didn't she call someone on friday? hmmm? didn't she think it was "odd"?

and i have to wait 30 days before anything can be done, in case they find the thing. and because of the storm, i can't even get in touch with the insurance adjuster.

and who cares if they threw stuff out on friday too. but since it was storming later and all weekend, i didn't go to the house from friday about 1600 until sunday about 1800. but most of what was left in the house was junk, except a few odds and ends. but they were MY odds and ends, and since the house was on code enforcement list, it could not be occupied. and i didn't have access. grrr.
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