September 10th, 2004

dad & fish & i

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my truck was recovered today. the only problem is that the stuff that was IN the truck was either missing or damaged. but the truck is drivable, and the tag was still on it.

they only found the vehicle after two seminole county sheriff's went to his house last night, and then the duval county detective called him early today.

the funny thing is that the people who held the vehicle gave me the original invoice... it said the person who called was named "ivy" and the phone number was the same as evil landlord.

tomorrow's agenda includes a trip to the state prosecutor, and also a call to "ivy's" real estate office to speak to the personel manager. and then, if that isn't enough, i wlll call the state licensing board and send them the paperwork about her real esate license.
dad & fish & i

brightman bocelli

hey, so i bought this cd by sarah brightman. you know, i have really liked her for some time, but i was listening to this older recording with andrea bocelli about a week ago... i am painfully retarded in regard to anything in art/creative lately, so it was nice, and since she isn't played on most of the stations here in jax, you know, i had to go BUY something... so that i did. and i like it. i really, really like it.