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Kiwi Injections Free
Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Date:2004-09-16 18:11
Subject:ick. *warning* gross.
Mood:mad, grossed out, scared

yesterday was a terrrible day.

i found out that JSO could care less about animal cruelty.

i found one of my dogs dead. it was one of the missing ones.

the dog was found in the garage of the old house i had moved from.

dead animals (and humans) stink. and they bloat. and all sorts of other gross things.

you might recall evil so and so TOLD ME he killed a dog.

my restraining order (injunction) mentions that fact.

when evil so and so told me he killed the puppy, it WAS reported to the JSO but i was told that the entire matter was "civil".

so this dog must not have been any more important to JSO. the officer would not even walk around to the back of the house to look into the garage.

like i said, animal cruelty is "civil".

i guess i better rethink living in florida.


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