November 30th, 2004

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Security camera catches robbing rodent

Associated Press

VILLACH, Austria (AP) -- Someone was stealing cash from a shop, but thanks to a videocamera, authorities got their man -- and it was a mouse.

A security camera set up inside the shop in Villach in the southwestern Austrian province of Carinthia helped the owner figure out who was making off with bank notes from the cash register. It turned out to be a mouse looking for nesting material, officials said Monday.

The critter was caught on camera with its paw in the till, Austrian television reported.

The shop owner, whose name was not released, became suspicious after a few bills worth $65 went missing.
dad & fish & i


how come curiosity is spelled curiosity, but curious is spelled like it is?

it would seem that curiosity would be spelled curiousity instead. doesn't it?

and "doesn't it" seem silly... does not it seem silly too?

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