February 24th, 2005

dad & fish & i

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of all the places on the planet i could be right now, i am in snowy downtown (err, it could be anywhere up on some hill) johnston, ri, which is right down the street from providence. 

waves to people over at fandlhome  :-)  guess you had a delivery at work!  :-)</span>

i am looking up through skylights at the falling snow, and with my friend's big dog at my feet and a mug of herbal tea, i am feeling really, really at home.  which is strange, because i haven't really felt like that at all in that time. 

my friend took me downtown today to the mall, which was not there when i attended RISD.  the whole area looked strange.  we had lunch downtown, and then went for a walk  

i feel alive again. 

and thank you ouiserboudreaux for the help earlier.  :-)  hopefully he will make a decision soon.  (for his own good)  :-)

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dad &amp; fish &amp; i

web designer needed

ps: a friend of mine needs a website designed. he posted on craigslist, but i know some of you can do them too. email me for contact info. he will pay you too. :-)