March 4th, 2005

dad & fish & i

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my day was ok. it was rather uneventful.

however, i did manage to start to arrange medical treatment in boston for a
political refugee child who is blinded in one eye. he was blinded on
purpose after he witnessed his mother being slaughtered because she worked
with a local government run food service group. they hurt him because he

that was very rewarding. it would be much more rewarding if the boy's
vision could be improved, and if he were not in pain any longer.

today i also wrote a correspondence to a person my brother knows who is

and i made dinner for my brother and nephew. and i served them on the
dining room table, after the air filter, spark plugs, radiator hose and
misc. tools were removed and the table was cleaned and disinfected... :-)
i do not think they have eaten at the table in a long time.

and i meditated. and went for a nice long walk on the beach...

and i prayed for peace