March 20th, 2005

dad & fish & i

just call me snoop....

so on my boring saturday night at my mom's house,... (which is also my brother and nephew's house)... i do some recon...

i find a carelessly thrown on the kitchen counter cellular phone belonging to either my brother, or nephew.


i go to the recent calls... sonny, rachel, aj, woody... they all were on incoming and outgoing call lists.

and a whole bunch of numbers i don't recognize...

one happens to be from a 315 area code number. i do a quick check with my work, and find out it IS my nephew's mom.

my brother informs me that his almost ex wants to send the other child here to live.

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dad & fish & i


hey, so what do you think about this...

an internet dating profile i have up somewhere has 3 photos in it.

in not ONE of them am i smiling. i am not frowning, but mostly just being...

so i get a response just now, from a 26 year old. i about fell out of my chair laughing...


my name is ____ I am a 26 year old musician. I travel for my job to ___ and _________.

your profile seems straight forward and I like what I read.

where you live doesn't matter, I am willing to relocate.

Write me back.


ps: you have an AWESOME SMILE"