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Kiwi Injections Free
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Date:2005-03-22 23:02
Subject:answering for nicholas...
Mood: annoyed

oh my gosh...

i had a reasonably serious business call on my cell phone. the teleconference lasted almost an hour and a half. during the conference, someone kept calling... 6 or 7 times... every time the call waiting kicked in, my conversation was interrupted. people had to repeat things... one party had an overseas connection and therefore, disconneting and calling back in would not have been ok.

well, so... AFTER the conference call, the SAME number called back. this time, i was exasperated. i said "HELLO!!!" and the voice on the other end was kaitlyn, my 15 year old nephew's GF. she says... "is nick there?" i repy, "i am out right now. nicholas, i presume, is home. this is not nicholas' phone... i do not take messages for him on this line, i use it mostly for business. when i am in the same house as nicholas, he does not make or receive phone calls after 9:30 pm. ok?"

and she says "ok, can you have him call me when you get home?" arrgh. it was 10:45 pm!

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