April 14th, 2005

dad & fish & i

uh, freaky...

so if today couldn't get any wierder...

my nephew's friend aj just asked me if i wanted to have sex with him.

he says "i have condoms". (ooh, deal breaker right there)

he said he was 18. i did not check id's but i declined anyhow.

i mean, a girl likes a little romance... don't you think?

signed the uh, 39 year old (shhhhh!)

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dad & fish & i

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in the saga of my 15 year old nephew....

just a minute ago, a gentleman showed up at my mom's front door.

he asks for a teenager named aj. no, not the aj from last night...

aj p.

i go knock on my nephew's door. the aj in question comes out.

and his dad laid into him like a drill instructor.

complete with the wording "boy" and "git your tail home before i make you sorry you were born".

i typed "git" because that is exactly how it sounded...

now where was he when my nephew was acting up?