April 18th, 2005

dad & fish & i

brain scan, debris, and curtains i tell 'ya

well, the mri was, uh, noisy.

and i have a softball sized puffy bruises on the insde of my forearm and inside elbow from where they tried to start the iv.

and little bruises on my hands, and other forearm.

so i only sneezed once, BEFORE i was in the tube.

meanwhile back at the ranch...

and in other news, i can't find a sewing machine here that works. there are two of them,, but the old tredle one won't come out of it's shell, (ie: the cabinet it is in) and the new singer of my mom's is missing parts. :( i mean, IMPORTANT parts. like the tension foot and uh, the bobin case.

so my nephew won't get his curtains today. oh well. if i have to do them by hand it will take me three days. and i get bored easy.

short attention span. yep, that's me.

oh, crap, and the truck just came for all the yard debris and there was only a few small branches out right now. but there is a TON of pine needles between the house and the shed out back but i haven't felt like raking it all out.

besides, there are two able bodied relatives of mine that could do it anyhow. oh, plus the kid who asked me to have sex with him.

i prefer my men to be AT LEAST 21. :-D :-P

i am going to try to start those curtains by hand. yep, i am nuts.
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