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Kiwi Injections Free
Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Date:2005-04-22 12:10
Mood: silly

hey, i know it isn't halloween, but doesn't this photo remind you of a VAMPIRE????

(i mean the girl, not the scruffy looking guy)

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Date:2005-04-22 12:42
Subject:i like google art.

thanks the_never

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Date:2005-04-22 13:55
Subject:happy b'day

dear mr. v. lenin,

happy birthday.

- ef

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Date:2005-04-22 17:54
Subject:life in the movies....

so my life is SO cinematic.....

"...how you like to cut to the chase. You're an absolute doll. Your life is so Cinematic."

what exactly does that mean??

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Date:2005-04-22 19:08
Subject:chx parm
Mood:less hungry

chicken parm

4 chicken breast, boned, split and skinned.
2 TBSP or so of olive oil
1 glove garlic, sliced or crushed
1 1/2 cups red tomato sauce
sliced mozzerella
grated parmesan

1. heat olive oil in skillet
2. add garlic
3. add chicken and brown
4. cover and cook until meat is done (not pink)
5. top with portion of tomato sauce
6. put sliced mozzerlla on each piece
7. sprinkle with parmesan
8. cover and cook until cheese melts and hopefully the sauce is hot.
9. garnish with a little green or a little sliced fresh mushroom

serve with pasta and vegetables

serves 4 or less.

some people prefer to coat the chicken in egg and breadcrumbs before cooking.

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