April 23rd, 2005

dad & fish & i

... is that your bong?

the kid that has been staying here, the one that asked me to have sex with him?

well, my nephew, rocky, that kid and another one all went out tonight earlier. they are still not home at midnight

the doors to the rooms have been left open, my nephew's room, the other room where that other kids stays... the lights were left on too.

so i went on recon for some drinking glasses and silverware, (they strangely disappear) and the dustpan.

well, i found the dust pan. and a few glasses, and my grandma's old ruby glass ashtray we usually keep on the sink for the scrubby?

and uh, as i was sweeping up the junk off the floor into the dust bin, i glance up and notice in the bottom of what used to be a subwoofer or something an object i guessed was a bong.

so uh, well, this is my MOM's place. and my nephew is only 15! this other kid might be 18, but who knows for sure. maybe his mom?

so i took a pic of it, and called a friend, and i figured that i would have a little chat with the kid when he got home. or tomorrow.

but what to do about the drug paraphanlia... what to do, what to do....

the thing is, i have known a few people who smoked pot. and uh, yeah, it's illegal.

and i didn't know them smoking at 15, or i don't even know if my other friend smoked weed at 18.. never asked.

so i called a friend on the local force and he came over and looked around and confiscated it.

illegal search my ass! the kids left the doors WIDE open, and uh, THIS IS MY MOM'S house, and SHE NEVER LET THAT KID STAY HERE.

and uh, CLEANING THE FLOORS isn't an invasion of privacy when you leave the fucking door open.

so, the kid is gonna be missing a bong. i am mean, evil aunt sandy.

but at least the floors in the two rooms were cleaned.

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