May 9th, 2005

dad & fish & i

last night...

uh, i was kind of not presentable to company, since it was about 11:30 pm, and like, so i was like, on the phone? and there was a knock, knock, knock on the door.

i ignored it. so they knock knock KNOCKED again. so i asked my ex to hold, and grabbed a robe and answered the door which is now kept locked.

and instead of it being either my nephew's or brother's lowlife friends...

it was a local county patrolman.

the house was very quiet... no one here but me.

and i was a bit confused. no ghetto blastin' rap in the kid's rooms, no brother's girlfiend...

i know i typed fiend.

umm, so the officer made a phone call. i couldn't id any of the people identified other than my brother.

it was about some person's medication. well, uh, so it was not the person dispatch idd as "larry"

i have not heard of any larry.

the prescription was for the brother's girlfiend, SONNY. let's just say the medication was something that ended in "cet" or "von" or "tin" "done"

but her REAL first name is CELESTE.

so i ask you this... is a policeman rapping on your door with a flashlight at 23:30 a calming experience for most people?

was it like, AN EMERGENCY? uh, no, the damned prescription was in my brother's car all friggin' day. i know this why? because i swapped vehicles with my brother this am... went and got my mom at the nursing facility for mother's day. she is unable to get into my truck, and no, i don't have mud tires. :P

grrr. breathing exercises... relax... grrrr...

and my nephew would not get up to go to school today.
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