May 15th, 2005

dad & fish & i

southern cuisine.

not being a southern girl, i am somewhat curious...

do you put honey on your cornbread or biscuits?

or do you use jam?

and what's the story with grits? i ordered "a large grapefruit juice, please" and i was brought a large cheese grits. ack.

do you put honey in your grits?

do you put pork or something in them?

what about chicken bog? what did it get it's name?

what about greens? collard greens specifically...

a few years ago i was invited to a birthday party "pig pickin" and i was afraid, very afraid.

but there was no whole pork body with an apple in it's mouth, over a pit, it was like, shredded and in a slow cooker with barbeque sauce.

i was not impressed, it tasted like umm, kc masterpiece.

and black eyed peas and crowder peas? ugg.

aren't they the same?

and please, NO OKRA. ack. not fried, not boiled, not stewed.... NEVER.
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