May 16th, 2005

dad & fish & i

one of my friends and his soon to be ex...

i have a sailing friend, ian. ian is about mid 70's in age. he's british, although he stays in the southeastern usa with his baby.

ian and i met last spring. he had a new solo sailing device he wanted to show me so we went to the marina where his boat is. he made me dinner... (ok, he nuked something for me) and behaved like a gentleman.

so uh, it ended up being a new configuration of his previous sails.

who cares? i even don't really. i mean, i was interested in seeing how it worked, but it wasn't something i could use with my boat.

but when he walked me back to the parking area, when i got in my truck he tried to kiss me! ack!

i can't or rather won't date someone who would be in my dad's age bracket. i figure i wouldn't date my dad's friends.... hehehe. creepy!

so, i am a little worried about ian. since he is a british citizen, he must leave and go back to england from time to time. i won't bore you with state department policy.

last year, his wife of seveal years left him for a scottsman. he was kind of blindsided. she is considerably younger than he is, she is i think about 43.

she met the new guy online and they were messing around in person from time to time, like when he had to go to europe. the scottsman just came to the usa for the two weeks.

of course, i don't know ian in an intimate way, who knows what their marraige was like...

but now, ian has taken up with the marina secretary. she has a name that is funny to me. i won't tell you what her name is, but it is one of the the names i think in that movie where the two girls go off the cliff in a convertable?

well, i guess it's better than taking up with someone back in britain, a little easier on the travel arrangements i guess.

so ian's ex (or she will he his ex) wants to come back. sending him emails and letters telling him how sorry she is and that she MISSES him and stuff. he says he won't take her back.

i told him, don't do it, it's a trick! and i said, ian and &^%$# sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g, just doesn't sound right. i told him he needs to meet a girl with a longer than two syllable name. like elizabeth or penelope. errr, not penelope. :D

i also told him he should have both of them on jerry springer. i know what his ex looks like, but not the new girl. i bet she's attractive too.

i think the ex was his 3rd wife. not sure on that, but i think that's correct.

he seems to have always been a roaming gnome kind of person. he was a commercial pilot. that can be difficult on the wife at home, you know?

i just want him happy i guess. he has a great smile. :D