June 5th, 2005

dad & fish & i

dating curiosity...

for those of you who date, or used to date...

when you start to see someone,...

when do you tell the person any "dirt" you may or may not have?

after a few dates
before you sleep with them ever
just before the wedding

if at some other time, when?

if you're not comfortable posting here, please email me. i'll be the only one reading the emails.
dad & fish & i

(no subject)

directed towards no one in partcular...

don't 'cha think it's awful cute when newlyweds start addressing their new spouse as "my husband" or as "my wife"?

i do. makes me go all "awwww" inside.

heh. :D
dad & fish & i

Luna Cat

i know i am a posting whore today...

but this is one of my favorite cat pics. i did not take it.

i love it because well, it is a CAT AND SAILBOAT photo. and darned cute i think too.

Luna Macaroona