June 7th, 2005

dad & fish & i

dog stuff again.

well, get this...

i was keeping a friend's dog here, because they couldn't keep it where they lived.

i told the owner they had unlimited visitation and could come here ANY TIME they wanted.

well, today the big dog here was outdoors. she was barking up a storm... that is nothing new, the house always has "visitors", well, so today with the barking i thought it was for my nephew.

and then i couldn't find the little fuzzy guy. i yelled at my nephew for leting him out. he kept telling me he didn't.

i ran around the neighborhood looking and calling and getting the neighbors to look too.

and NOTHING...

so i called my friend several times. i kept getting voicemail. i finally got through, and he had stopped in and just took him.

and i was FURIOUS because he didn't tell me. i mean, i thought the dog got out and was running around loose.


and he acts like it is no big deal.
dad & fish & i

i'm a creep, i'm a loser...

so like, i must be a creep magnet or something.

if someone treats you like crap, and you act accordingly ie:

if you don't like their bull shit, don't deal with thier bs....

and they act like it is YOUR fault they are losers and that's is YOUR bs they are dealing with.

so how does this work?

especially when they have pretty much EVERYTHING to do with your misery at the present time.

so, FU you losin' son of a bitch. may you be miserable in your old age. :P
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